Field Report: June 8, 2018

In the warmth of June, wildlife of all types are on the move in Mid Michigan! Some birds are on the tail end of moving back north, while others are already tending to their hatchlings, and reptiles are out in the sun.

A great blue heron
A Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron were in abundance that day. I happened to catch this one sitting on a log, taking in the sun.

Great egret
A Great Egret

Egrets were out in numbers as well. This one happened to have some of its breeding plumage hanging off it still.

An osprey grabbing a fish out of the water
An Osprey successfully grabbing a fish out of the water.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a huge fan of Osprey. As pictured above, their style of hunting is incredibly exciting to watch, as they grab fish right out of the water with their talons. In June, Osprey not only have to catch enough fish for themselves, but they also need to feed their recently hatched chicks. When they are busy hunting, its fantastic to watch! They’ll sometimes catch 2 or 3 fish per hour.

Canada Goose hatchings: goslings
Goslings following their mom

Speaking of recently hatched birds, these goslings were following their mom through the marsh.

Painted Turtle
A Painted Turtle taking in some rays
Pickerel Frog
A Pickerel Frog that I found sitting in the grass along my path
A Chipmunk posing for the camera
A whitetail deer Fawn
Whitetail Deer Fawn hiding in the brush

If you didn’t already guess based off of the header image, finding this fawn was the highlight of my day. I was keeping a sharp eye out for fawn in every patch of tall grass I’d pass. After striking out for the first hour, I happened to find this little guy waiting for his mom to return. I had my telephoto lens on, so I was able to zoom in for some closeups from a distance before going on my way.

You can order a print of the fawn below:

A whitetail deer
A believe this might have been the fawn’s mother.

About 100 yards past the fawn, I saw this Deer, which I suspect was its mother. She crossed the path, and moved into the woods before I moved past.

A Yellow warbler bird
A Yellow Warbler

While some birds have settled in and nested already, this warbler may still be on the move north. Their summer range reaches all the way into central Canada!

Green Darner Dragonflys mating

Insects were getting busy too! This pair of Green Darner Dragonflys were in the process of mating. I had to grab a quick shot before giving them their privacy!

Anyways, that’s it for this Field report. I really couldn’t believe how many different things I saw in a single day.