This bridge is coming dangerously close to losing its “bridge” status. Taft rd in Gratiot County.

Well it’s March, and there’s no shortage of indications that spring is on it’s way. Most snow is melted, and ice has partially melted on the water. The sounds of Canada Geese are everywhere in Mid-Michigan, and did I mention it’s flooding at places? Oh well, more habitat for the migrating waterfowl I suppose.

Canada Geese and a Sandhill Crane

Where there’s water, there’s waterfowl. Geese are lining the shore, and there’s good numbers of Mergansers as well. The occasional Sandhill crane will be heard in the distance.

A pair of Common Mergansers
Mergansers and Geese

Birds aren’t the only things being active. I saw Michigan’s marsupial: the Opossum. He really didn’t care that I walked right past him.

Muskrats were out and about as well:

A muskrat, swimming towards me

And the highlight of the day was seeing this mink scurrying along the thin ice:

Of all my years in Michigan, this was the first mink I’ve ever seen.

That wraps up this field report, check back later for new ones!